Ep33: Running Nutrition Q&A – Training & Racing with Whole Foods

Ep33: Running Nutrition Q&A – Training & Racing with Whole Foods
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Meet Warren Pole, co-founder of groundbreaking sports nutrition company 33Shake. I interviewed Warren to tease-out little tips and strategies you can use to take control of your approach to nutrition for training, racing and general health.

This episode of the Train Smarter Podcast is an audio version of the Facebook LIVE Q&A session I presented in the Transform Your Running Facebook Group earlier this week.

During the live broadcast we covered a number of topics including:

  • Developing your perfect run fuelling strategy for racing and training
  • Easy steps you can take to avoid stomach trouble on the run
  • Can you run long distance without relying heavily on carbs?
  • Are you eating enough to sustain your training and proper recovery?
  • Balancing weight loss while training for long distance events
  • …and so much more!

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