Ironman Race Nutrition: Strategies for Success

by James Dunne
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The rise in worldwide popularity of Ironman triathlon comes with it an increased interest into how to train and prepare optimally for such an event.

One important aspect of the physiological demands of Ironman is the energy and fuelling requirements.

The harder you race the more critical Ironman nutrition and fuelling becomes. Intensity is one factor that determines the rate calories are burned and the composition of fuel used. To race Ironman successfully involves balancing that intensity with a tried and trusted nutrition plan to maintain effort throughout the race.

Practical Guide:
Strategies for Success

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Successful Ironman racing involves balancing intensity and nutrition to maintain effort to the finish. These events require prolonged durations of moderate to high intensity exercise, which mostly use energy from the oxidation of fat and carbohydrate in the range of 4,500 and 11,500kcal.

During long distance triathlon racing, athletes should pace themselves by performing at speeds that resemble those practiced in training and by adhering to a pre determined and appropriate Ironman nutrition plan.