Hip Flexor & Core Strength Drill: Psoas March

In today’s quick training video, I want to show you one of my favourite hip flexor strength exercises.

This simple drill does far more than target Iliopsoas though, it’s a great way of reenforcing the co-contraction we want to see between hip flexors and abdominals in controlling lumbro-pelvic position as the hip is moved from flexion to extension, and back again.

Try this exercise at home:

  • 3 x 60sec – alternating left then right legs throughout the minute
    Technique is everything!
Last updated on January 9th, 2019.


  1. Awesome video James, the core is much like the canoe and if your firing a canon some 90 plus strides per minute it has to be stable. I like your focus on form and execution of the exercise to re-enforce the technique. Thanks. I still use several of the exercises from the workshops, great stuff.

  2. Hi! REALLY want to watch this and start implementing into my routine but there is only a black screen! I also went to youtube and the same issue exists… any way someone can help? THanks!

  3. Great video, James.
    Does it matter if I do one leg at a time, rather than alternating legs? I can maintain position better this way.

  4. Really good exercise for psoas strengthening, I have used this for hip flexor rehab in football players. Although why flattern the back? Is that suppose to be a core control issue or something else? Lumbar spine has natural lordotic curve and we should promote that. As I understand ‘belly button in to spine’ to brace core is a myth, it just works minor superficial muscles. If hip flexor a are tight then stretch in isolation

  5. Hi
    I have issues with my Achilies/calfs getting sore..
    What’s best way forward to start running again after a long time out.. age 46.
    Am active swimmer and cyclist, but running is my letdown.
    Plan is to do a Tri next july, Olympic distance.
    thanks in advance


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