Can Endurance Training Be Bad For You?

You might have come across some articles recently that question whether endurance type events like marathon or ultra-marathon running can do more harm than good.

Although the research evidence is mixed, a recent large study following over 40,000 older men over 20 years help to reassure us that vigorous exercise doesn’t seem to do any harm – including running for over 5 hours a week.

In fact, the group that ran for over 5 hours a week had the lowest risk of developing cardiovascular disease. I’ve written a more in-depth and comprehensive review of this subject and recent research on my blog.

I’ve also been discussing this on my regular spot on the runrunlive podcast. My section starts at 7:05min

About The Author 

Dr Sarb Johal is a Londoner who lives in Wellington, New Zealand. As an experienced clinical psychologist, health psychologist and Associate Professor in Disaster Mental Health at Massey University’s Joint Centre for Disaster Research, he spends quite a lot of his time providing advice to the New Zealand Government on aspects of recovery from the Canterbury earthquakes in New Zealand. When not working, Sarb spends much of his time writing and running, though not at the same time. He runs regularly and has completed numerous half-marathons, 4 international marathons and 1 ultra-marathon from 2010-2012. He is a certified Leader in Running Fitness, and is also training to be a Personal Trainer.

You can read more of his thoughts on health, wellbeing and mental fitness at Sarb's Blog: Complete Coach


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  • Great report and I was just having this discussion with a friend of mine yesterday. It seems lately we’ve heard of several excellent examples with a 96 year old competing in a half marathon, a 100 year old still riding in cycling events, and the increasing participation in the +60 age groups in most triathlon distances.

    Try this with basketball, hockey, or other high impact/high intensity sport.

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