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Norwich, UK

Saturday 28 March 2020

Fellow Runner,

You may well have seen some of the exercise videos I’ve posted on YouTube, or articles I’ve written here on the website.

Maybe you’ve even tried one or two of the exercises and drills. If so, I hope they helped you, as they have so many other runners, based on the positive comments I receive!

This positive feedback just goes to reinforce what I’ve long found to be true; that so many runners know that they should be doing regular exercises to benefit their running and remain injury free, but aren’t always so confident in knowing exactly what they should be doing.

In fact, by far the most frequent question I hear is:

  • James, how do I best piece all the exercises together to get the biggest benefit, in the most time-efficient way?

It’s my experience that most runners know that regular strength and conditioning exercises are the key to remaining injury-free… Yet as soon as time becomes tight in the week, the exercises are the first part of the training plan to get dumped!

I firmly believe that ‘little and often’ is the way to go when it comes to injury prevention exercises. I’ve seen it work successfully again and again with the runners I work with, from beginner to pro.

Ten to fifteen minutes of targeted exercises done four to five times weekly, is far more achievable than having to find time for multiple drawn-out gym sessions each week!

Seriously. Highly targeted 10-15 minute workouts are where it’s at…

The right exercises – done regularly throughout the week – at home – is all it takes to help keep you injury free and enjoying your running.

That’s precisely what our new programme provides. Every week, our Bulletproof Runners members will receive:

  • Weekly Strength, Stability, Mobility and Core Programme
  • Designed to Fit Your Busy Schedule
  • Downloadable Weekly Progress Chart
  • Detailed Video Tutorials for Each Exercise
  • Members-Only Facebook Group for Coaching Support

This isn’t just a “download and get on with it” programme. In fact, the part I’m arguably most excited about is getting to know everybody in the members-only Facebook group.

In the Facebook group, I’ll be on-hand to answer any questions you may have, help problem-solve so that you get the most from the workouts.

What will it cost you to get me to take the guess-work out of choosing exercises and creating an effective programme for you to follow week-in-week-out?

Just £15.99 per month

That’s less than £4 per week!

The real question is; can you afford not to be part of this group of runners getting stronger and faster together?

Speak to you soon,



James Dunne
Rehab & Performance Director
Kinetic Revolution

Strength & Conditioning Programme for Runners

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