Day 9

Need an Alternative to Split Squats?

Some runners, particularly those with a history of knee injury, have mentioned that they’ve been finding the split squat hard on the knees…

If this sounds familiar, an alternative exercise would be a Step-Up (video). Thanks to my friends at Pure Sports Medicine for the demo video!

The Split Squat is an excellent exercise, so if you can complete the sets pain free, definitely do so! But, if you’re struggling, try the alternative rather than pushing through pain.

Strength Exercises

  • Split Squat (video) – 2 x 15 each leg
  • Hip Thruster (video) – 3 x 12 reps
  • SL Straight Leg Deadlift (video) – 2 x 15 reps each leg

Today’s Core Exercise

  • Mountain Climbers (video) – 2 x 24 (12 each side, alternating)