Day 6

Stage 1 – Final Day…

You’ve done well to get this far through the challenge… not only physically, but mentally too!

Sure, it’s repetitive in this early stage. But if we want to see a quick changes, that’s what is required!

I could have set you a different set of exercises every day, with no duplication – but then you’d be no different today as when you started…

Consistency is King!

So here we go with this routine for one last time before I show you your new workout tomorrow. In Stage 2 we begin a focused block of strength training for the key running muscles 🙂

Basic Mobility Drills

  • Hip Flexor Stretch (video) – 3 x [20sec hold + 20 active reps] each side
  • Hamstring Stretch (video) – 3 x 20 reps each side
  • Adductor Stretch (video) – 2 x 10 reps [7sec contract : 10sec relax + stretch]

Today’s Balance Drill

  • Single Leg Balance – Eyes Closed (video) – 1 x 1min each side
  • Single Leg Balance – Running Man (video) – 1 x 1min each side
  • Single Leg Balance – A-to-Z (video) – 1 x alphabet each side