Day 3

It’s Day 3 of our 30 Day Challenge already. Even at this early stage, we’re building the important consistency that gets results!

By the end of Stage 1, you’ll not only be familiar with these simple hip mobility exercises, but you’ll already be seeing results and improvements 🙂

We’ve had an unbelievable response from the 10,000+ runners currently signed-up to the challenge. Feel free to let me know how you get on too…

Basic Mobility Drills

  • Hip Flexor Stretch (video) – 3 x [20sec hold + 20 active reps] each side
  • Hamstring Stretch (video) – 3 x 20 reps each side
  • Adductor Stretch (video) – 2 x 10 reps [7sec contract : 10sec relax + stretch]

Today’s Balance Drill

  • Single Leg Balance – Dynamic Running Man (video) – 2 x 1min each side

Need Motivation? Watch This to The Finish…!