Day 2

Building Consistency to Get Results

So here we are on Day 2 of your journey through our 30 Day Challenge. Yesterday we focused on getting the technique correct with our three basic mobility drills, plus a little simple balance training. Today we repeat the mobility drills and vary the balance work a little. This begins to build some consistency in your training in terms of the mobility work.

“The only way we’ll see a change in any aspect of our body is through consistent training and practice. With this in mind, the mobility drills remain the same for the remaining few days of Stage 1. The balance work however changes daily… to keep things interesting and challenging!”

Anybody who has trained for any period of time and seen results will appreciate the need for consistency and repetition, in order to see any kind of training effect. So stick with it 🙂

Basic Mobility Drills

  • Hip Flexor Stretch (video) – 3 x [20sec hold + 20 active reps] each side
  • Hamstring Stretch (video) – 3 x 20 reps each side
  • Adductor Stretch (video) – 2 x 10 reps [7sec contract : 10sec relax + stretch]
  • BONUS DRILL – Low Back Mobility (video) – 2 x 20 [10 each side alternating]

Today’s Balance Drill

  • Single Leg Balance – Eyes Closed (video) – 2 x 30sec each side

Some Light Reading

  • Why do I pay such attention to hip function?
    For those who are interested in further reading, I strongly suggest taking a look at this article, which discusses some of the major issues we see in runners with poor hip mobility…Running: All in The Hips