Day 18

Here we are already on Day 18 of the challenge and the end of Stage 3!

How are you getting on? We’re keen to help as many runners and triathletes as possible, so if you can help us spread the word, I’d be eternally grateful 🙂

Tomorrow we begin Stage 4, with a focus on building run specific strength using various resistance band exercises.

Mobility Routine

    Check out the mobility routine video here

  • #1: Modified Pigeon Stretch – 2 sets of 12 reps to each side
  • #2: Lateral Hip Stretch – 2 sets of 20 reps (7sec holds) alternating sides throughout
  • #3: ‘Spiderman Rotations’ – 2 sets of 12 alternating reps with each leg forward

Plyometric Drills

  • Double Leg Jumps (video) – 5 x 20sec
  • Single Leg Hops (video) – 5 x 10sec on each leg