Better Running Form in Six Weeks

We Show You How to Run Better Step by Step

In most of the injured runners and triathletes we meet, their frustrating injury problems occur due to flawed running biomechanics and technique. These poorly developed neuromuscular patterns let them down once a particular training load is reached, overloading and injuring a particular part of the body.

However: there is a simple solution…


Run Faster - Easier - Injury Free
“So many athletes have emailed asking for a insights into my methods for helping runners and triathletes achieve performance breakthroughs and overcome longterm injury. In response to this high demand, I created this online training program!”

James Dunne
Running Rehab Coach
Performance Director

Course Structure:

We’ve structured the course to address the key practical coaching points surrounding running form, in six specific weekly areas of focus…

  • Four Running Sessions Weekly
  • Video & Audio Instructions
  • Email Coaching Support
  • Injury Prevention Exercises
  • NEW: Exclusive Members Facebook Group
  • NEW: Live Coaching Webinars
  • Proven Results & Lifetime Access!

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Normally $59.99

Our physiotherapy and rehab team has created this twelve week programme to strengthen runner’s hips and protect their knees!

Learn more…

Get exclusive access to our MEMBERS ONLY FACEBOOK GROUP for individual coaching advice, and added insight from our specialist coaching team:

James Dunne – Running Rehab Coach
Gary Reynolds – Running Coach
Leigh Boyle – Physical Therapist


Are You Running in Pain?

  • Running Knee Pain (ITBS, PFPS, etc…)
  • Running Related Back Pain
  • Foot & Ankle Injuries
  • ‘Shin Splints’ (MTSS)
  • Tight Hip Flexors
  • Weak Glutes
  • Tight Hamstrings

Let Our Team Help You…

  • Prevent Common Running Injuries
  • Rehabilitate Existing Running Injuries
  • Improve Muscle Balance & Posture
  • Increase Speed & Running Efficiency
  • Learn to Enjoy Running Again!

Dr Tamsin Lewis - Pro Triathlete

Dr Tamsin Lewis – Pro Triathlete

Become part of our inner circle of members and learn the skill of running with great form and efficiency. We’ll help you run faster with stronger, more effective technique and fewer injuries.

Our coaching team will teach you how to engage the correct muscle groups as you run, including the all important glutes and hamstrings.

We show you how to harness significant energy from your upper body, and correct your running posture. Ultimately turning you into a more efficient, effective and balanced runner.

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From Runners Using Our Online Course…

Pete Wallis, 10km Runner

Having completed James’s Program, I’m running pain free for the first time in 9 months.

I’d been suffering from repeated cases of ITB Syndrome, which came back every time I ran for more than 30mins.

Now I’m back to running 25 miles per week with no problems.

I’m looking forward to getting back to competition!


Martin Gerard, Marathon Runner

I’d been looking for a way to push my running on to the next level having hit a plateau late last year failing to break my 3hours 37mins marathon PB.

Working on my running form has been a revelation both in terms of speed and training without pain and tightness.

My training consistency was actually worse for this marathon due to work but I still managed 3hrs 21min…

…a new marathon PB by 16 minutes! 

I can only put that down to my new, stronger running technique. To say I’m pleased is an understatement.

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About James Dunne

Running Rehabilitation Specialist
Performance Director – Kinetic Revolution

James Dunne RunningJames has been working with athletes from a wide range of sports since 2002. Holding an Honours Degree in Sport Rehabilitation, his areas of speciality include:

  • Running Technique Coaching
  • Running Injury Rehabilitation
  • Running Video Analysis

He currently works with a large group of Runners and Triathletes across a wide range of abilities from Pro to Beginner.

Previously a professional Rugby Union player, James has worked with International Track Athletes, Premiership Footballers and within professional Rugby League.

James now focuses his own training on the various endurance events he’s racing in 2013.

He also writes for, and has featured in, various health and fitness magazines such as Women’s Running, UltraFit Magazine and Men’s Running.

Women's Running Magazine Ultra-FIT Magazine Men's Running Magazine

He is also a fully insured member of the British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Trainers (BASRaT)

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