Episode 14: Research, Running Media & Ross Tucker

Something a bit different this week. Neil and James discuss a recent article by Ross Tucker of sportsscientists.com, using it as a springboard to talk about everything from Comrades Marathon to blood doping, running footstrike to strength training!

Episode Resources

Article from Ross Tucker

A 2014 resolution: More nuance, less extremismread here

Other Mentioned Articles

I mentioned these two articles from Pete Larson at RunBlogger…

Why Science Can’t Determine The Best Running Shoeread here

Do Minimalist Shoes Increase Injury Risk?: Merry Christmas Vibramread here

Comrades Marathon Route


Read Neil’s article about his Comrades Marathon experience.

About The Author

James has an academic background in Sport Rehabilitation and a special interest in Applied Biomechanics. He currently coaches a large number of Runners and Triathletes across all levels of ability and performance. He's grown a strong reputation for enabling athletes to improve their running performance and overcome running injuries through improving their Running Technique and developing Running Specific Strength.


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