Ep32: Q&A – Compression Wear, Training for Heavier Runners, Calf Injuries & More…

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This episode of the Train Smarter Podcast is an audio version of the Facebook LIVE Q&A session I presented in the New2Tri Facebook Group earlier this week.

During the live broadcast we covered a number of topics including:

  • Compression wear – Does it really work?
  • Tips to prevent calf injuries
  • Sub 40min 10km training
  • Foam rolling
  • Training for heavier runners

Featured Resources

Compression Wear Research Review [PDF]

Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy Rehab Video

Foam Rolling Tutorial Video Series

Link between calf injuries and poor hip mobility

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  • I injured the ball of my left foot a couple of years ago – just behind toes number 3 & 4. This has lead to numbness and agonizing pain whenever I wear shoes. The podiatrist has given me insoles, stating that stability is the cause. I agree with him on this – my stability is non-existent. However, is there nothing to be done about the pain and numbness in the toes? Will I forever have to live with this pain? It’s to the point I can’t wear any shoes without the insoles and even then it does not relieve the pain 100%.

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